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Students receive an institutional College Credit Certificate upon completion and the program’s title is added to the student’s transcript.There are various kinds of certificates available: from undergraduate to graduate and advanced certificates. Certificates serve a multitude of purposes for different students: they are sometimes used to bridge the gap between different phases of academic study, or to provide additional professional training and qualifications. There are certificates in a wide variety of subjects in Arts, Humanities, Business, Biological and Life Sciences, Engineering, Technology, Natural Sciences and even more. The variety of different certificates can be overwhelming – don’t let it stop you! Start your search by looking at the most popular certificates listed below.

Purohitya Certification 


This is a unique online program designed for lay people and youth who wish to take up the vocation of Hindu Priest. For those who wish to pursue further studies in the field can transfer these credits into the Master’s program offered by IHU. The certification requires completion of the four courses listed below. Each course is for 15 weeks and students who take 2 courses per semester can finish the requirements in six months. The program also includes 15 weeks of practical training at a local temple under the supervision of the temple priest.


HRP The Hindu Spiritual Care Provider: Purohitya

 There is a great need for priests from all eastern spiritual traditions in the west. Hindu temples and societies also need such services for their members. To this end, International Hindu University, serving the Hindu community at large, has developed a certification course in Purohitya. This certification requires completion of 4 courses including a capstone unfolded in 4 self-paced modules to be completed within 24 months. The credits earned (12 credits) can be transferred to Masters’ program which requires 30 credits. All courses are practical and require class participation and online submission of video assignments. Tradition specific training will be provided under the guidance of qualified instructors in traditional systems. The specific requirements of the training would be decided by the instructors depending upon the student’s knowledge and experience.


HRP 5101: Saṃskāras(3 credits):

The Participant will provide detailed written description of the religious duties relating to each of the 16 Samskaras (out of 40 total Samskaras) according to the traditions of the respective sampradayas.


HRP 5102: Festivals and Pūjās(3 credits):

The Participant will identify the major Hindu Festivals and provide detailed written descriptions about their observances according to the traditions of the respective sampradayas.


HRP 5103: Rituals (3 credits): 

The Participant will be able to identify the rituals and provide detailed information about their performance according to the traditions of the respective sampradayas (their own and that of the devotees engaging their services).  


HRP 5104: Capstone Field Practice (3 credits):                                                                                                                    

Through field observation and practice in a local Hindu temple of the participant’s choice and under the supervision of their Priest/Officiant the Purohitya candidate will learn the skills necessary for public performance in an established temple environment during attended services.


HRP 5105 End of Life Spiritual Care for the Hindu (Antyeshti) (3 credits):

This course will provide education and training in theory and practice, practical guidelines for final rites, chanting and recitation of mantras and prayers related to Antyeshti, performance of rituals, bereavement care basics. This course covers basic steps from death to cremation with specific instructions, general guidelines with observances in the USA related to the activities of dying, death, cremation, mourning and bereavement. Course includes text.  Individual 60-minute classes will be conducted online. Individual guidance and return demonstration of ritual performance available.  This is a certificate course for qualified members of the Hindu community with knowledge of Sanskrit verses and afterlife rituals. They should be able to conduct group prayers and provide psychological support to the family that is going through the grieving process. They should be a resource person for the Hindu traditions and know the local temple and nearby priest.    Pre-Registration is required.