At IHU, you will  receive the attention required to be known, the chance to be a leader, and the opportunity to explore your passions. You will  also be immersed in rigorous academics from valued professors who truly care about you and your future. Classes taught from a Hindu perspective will set you up with tools for lifelong learning, community-focused decision making, and a strong sense of calling and vocation. The world needs you. Let’s get you ready.


IHU offers following PhD programs:

  • PhD in Hindu Philosophy
  • PhD in Ayurvedic studies
  • PhD in Yoga Philosophy

Students registered for these programs must complete 75 credits before graduation. Direct Bachelors to PhD is available however it is advised that students finish their master’s first before pursuing PhD. 30 credits are transferred from master’s for those continuing to do their PhD. Research methodology is a required course for this program. Rest of the credits need to be earned through dissertation credits under the guidance of the PhD supervisor.

IHU offers the following master’s programs (each program requires a total of 30 credits):

  • Master’s in Hindu Spiritual Care (Chaplaincy)
  • Master’s in Purohitya
  • Master’s in yoga education: Students with RYT 300 certification can transfer up to 12 credits while students with RYT 500 can transfer up to 21 credits.
  • Master’s in Ayurvedic studies (Only students with prior certificates from Ayurvedic and Yoga schools are eligible)
  • Master’s in Divine Dancing (Only students with prior certificates from traditional dancing schools for Bharatnatyam, Kathak etc. are eligible)
  • Master’s in Divine Music (Only students with prior certificates from traditional music schools for Hindustani or Karnatic music are eligible)
  • Master’s in Hindu philosophy (only for students who have demonstrated scholarship through prior writings)


Degree Programs

Masters in Hindu Spiritual Care
Masters in Purohitya
Masters in Yoga Education


Masters in Ayurveda Education


Master’s in Divine Dancing
Master’s in Divine Music
Master’s in Hindu philosophy


Certificate Programs

Hindu Spiritual Care Provider (Chaplaincy) Certificate
Yoga Nidra Certificate
Spiritual Care for Hindus Certificate


End of Life Care for Hindus Certificate
Foundation in Kathak Certificate